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Sun, Feb. 4th, 2007, 08:13 pm
evil_overlords: So!

Physics sucks, and our school's administration is being ridiculously convoluted (but I can't talk about that because I'm sworn to secrecy), and I have too much homework. But Dave Eggers recognised me at 826 and swords make the sound "wheeeee!" when thrown over your shoulder, so things are not too bad.

Basically, we've decided to stomp on the Plothat and just write whatever. This means that hopefully I'm not going to be the only one starting threads around here. The only plot that you need to know follows, and is so short that I'm not even going to have it under a cut:

- The students at the University (in Eleirion province) are holding a revolution. The army will eventually come in and arrest them all.
- Alidon has begun rehearsals for his next show, but they might put the show on hold to go help with the revolution at the University.
- Back in Ilsarya, the democracy is going very well but the neighbouring provinces are angry and are gathering their armies to come attack. Everything looks pretty much hopeless, as usual.
- In Radmyr province, Melaka (Radmyr's daughter) is deciding to raise her own army and go fight for Ilsarya's freedom. But that will take a while.
- Roderick is going to run off with a pirate queen after Ilsarya is invaded and a number of the revolutionaries are executed. But that will also take a while, much to Roderick's chagrin.
- Blade and Rutherford, Delta and Micheal, and Alexi and Myrissin are all officially couples (and possibly coupling, but that's none of my business). Alidon has a crush on a girl, and Ice and Lovimy might be going out.

Please add anything else I'm forgetting, and post random stuff! Random and plotless stuff is wholesome and fun. Really. Also, feel free to invite random people to RP with us.