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Mon, Dec. 25th, 2006, 01:43 am
evil_overlords: Plot Stuff Revised Yet Again

The bold is stuff that needs to be written or severely edited. And please email me if you want copies of transcripts! Oh, and feel free to change or come up with chapter titles– they're fun. Also, I might be missing some stuff form the second half, so let me know if that's the case.

Introduction– On Why It’s a Good Idea to Major in Chemistry
1. Roderick and Alidon angst (3 months previously)
2. Roderick’s mum’s letter

Chapter 1
3. Mage tax instituted. Myrissin flips out, exchanges letters with Roderick
4. Ice’s intro–not writtenLetter from Ice to Mom
5. Roderick talks with the Lady Consort
6. Letters to/from Ice– EDIT
7. Roderick and Nashal
8. The Duchess Dies

Chapter 2
9. Wanted posters put up for Roderick, Myrissin freaks out
10. Ice meets Roderick
11. Myr meets Ice
12. Roderick and Nashal
13. Alexi and Drenfeld talk about Myrissin and Roderick– not written
14. Dakari gets a letter?

Chapter 3–Amulets of Flamey Doom
15. Ice and Myr
16. Roderick and Dakari?
17. Ice meets Damien and Roderick
18. Damien and Ice
19. Alexi invites Myr out – EDIT
20. Damien and Ice and Copper in shop
21. Roderick fixes blown-up house
22. Alexi enters Damien’s shop, Roderick joins them, shop stuff

Chapter 4
23. Myr has a date with Alexi
24. Myr and Roderick freak out

Chapter 5– On Manners
25. Tea of Doooom
26. Radmyr and Blade talk

Chapter 6
27. Drenfeld and Alexi follow-up?– not written
28. Alexi comes over to castle, double beds
29. Myr writes about scorpions, she and Roderick talk about philosophy
30. Blade arrives at castle
31. Letter to Fauve
32. Myrissin and Nashal
33. Blade tries to kill Roderick

Chapter 7
34. letter to Radmyr
35. Myr sneaks out to see Alexi
36. Ice’s Capture
37. Blade and Myr banter– edit
38. Alexi and Roderick talk

Chapter 8– With a Capital R
39. On Romance – The Dinner (edit?)
40. Blade’s private angst

Chapter 9– An Excess of Doom
41. Alexi is threatened by Drenfeld I
42. Myr and Roderick have waffles
43. Alexi is threatened II
44. Myr leaves, Letter to Myr
45. Myr gets captured– written
46. Roderick goes to talk with Alexi
47. Roderick sends Blade to poison Drenfeld
48. Roderick’s private angst
49. Nashal comes in

Chapter 10
50. Drenfeld meets Roderick, Lady Consort is a bitch
51. Roderick comes out, leaves with Alexi

Chapter 11
52. Myr wakes up with Roderick and Alexi– EDIT
53. Nashal comes– not finished
54. Myr and Roderick alone– EDIT

Part II– starting at the end of the month of politicking…

Day 27
1. Roderick and Alexi
2. Meeting ends, Alexi and Lady Consort
Day 28
3. Roderick and Lady Consort
Day 29
4. Roderick and Nashal
5. Radmyr and Alexi letters
6. Roderick and Radmyr flashback
Day 30
7. Roderick and Myrissin – EDIT
8. Roderick and Alexi– not finished

Chapter 2
9. Alexi and Radmyr
10. Roderick and Kailas
11. MYR AND BLADE in a bar?– EDIT
12. Roderick and Radmyr

Chapter 3
13. Maybe Alexi and Myr… something to get across the time lapse
14. Blade meets Alidon
15. Roderick and N'gartha

Chapter 4
16. Blade and John– edit
17. Blade meets Rutherford at party
18. Roderick and Talston

Chapter 5
19. Drunken Blade and Alidon
20. The next morning, Alidon gets a letter from Talston
21. Roderick is released
22. Alidon and Tureius

Chapter 6
23. Blade rescues Roderick
24. Alidon meets Alexi and Myr
25. Roderick goes to Kailas
26. Alidon thing
27. Radmyr’s letter– give it context?

Chapter 7
28. Blade goes to Kailas
29. Alidon and Myr, then Roderick arrives at home
30. Roderick and Alidon

*takes off plot hat and starts banging head against desk because Chinese is a stupid language and ought to die*